Tile and grout cleaning is as essential as the carpet cleaning. If you leave the dirt and dust n the tile and grout it can make its colour fade and the home remedies are not at all successful for the complete cleaning. In order to get rid of the deep-down dirt from the grout and tiles, you must take professional help. Most of us are not aware of the fact that grout is a porous material and when liquid spills on it or there is dust or dirt grout absorbs it all. When it penetrates through the surface to the bottom, it gives a filthy colour to the grout and your floor looks really bad. In order to have a spotless floor, you should hire the services of the professionals who are experienced in the field of tile and grout cleaning



NY Clean carpet is trustworthy and affordable professionals who will use expert treatments to get rid of the filth. The methods we use are quite effective and without taking much of your time. We make sure that your floor looks new like and it has the shine and beauty.  In order to clean the dust and dirt deposits from your tiles and grout we use effective equipment and method like the high pressure rotary tools. This tool has dual rotating jets for ultra cleaning. We also use deep cleaning, pressure cleaning and steam methods so that the dirt particles are all gone. The cleaners we use are harsh on dirt but mild on grout and tiles. Even the sticky, waxy and oily dirt is removed from the surface of tiles and the lines of grout, leaving behind a good looking and shiny floor.

The process that we use at NY Clean Carpet is not at all time consuming it just takes half an hour to one hour to clean the floor of a standard room of 300 square feet. This process is followed by a small treatment which is known as addition of sealant. It further takes approximately two hours to settle the sealant which is a protective shield that helps in keeping the tiles and grout lines away from the dirt which sticks to it and destroys the shine.



We also apply a colour protective shield on the surface of tiles so that the discoloured tiles look like new ones and the floor looks beautiful and new like. This refreshing clean up of the floor makes the entire home looks great and beautiful. So, if you are looking for tiles and grout clean up, you can trust our services as we make sure to test the entire floor thoroughly and then with the help of gentle cleaners and modern equipments we change the look of the floor. Our services are effective and we love to see the smile on the face of our customers who are happy with the services that we offer. In order to serve quality we make sure you get cost effective solutions and quality results.

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